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Howl's Moving Castle » In which Sophie Perfects Misplacing Anger

Title In which Sophie Perfects Misplacing Anger
Theme November 2: Hidden and Open Subcultures at 31_days
Character/Pairing Sophie Hatter, Calcifer
Rating G or Kids
Warning Spoilers for at least chapter eleven and beyond, possibly earlier.
Wordcount 400

"He's been gone an awfully long time," Sophie said, failing to sound nearly as grumpy as she'd like. She sat in the cozy armchair by Calcifer's fireplace, looking quite cross.

"Worried, are you?" Calcifer oozed. Sophie glared at his wide, pointed, purple grin.

"Of course I'm not! I merely don't want him tromping in at all hours, waking Michael and I. We're trying to run a proper business and he's already doing a fine enough job of avoiding any responsibility with it."

"Ah, of course. Of course," Calcifer agreed, still grinning that grin. Sophie looked away.

"What in the world could he possibly be doing this late at night, anyway?" And in Wales no less, she thought moodily.

"He told you on his way out that he'd be late coming back. Tonight is the night of his Rugby Club Reunion."

"His what?"

"Rugby Club Reunion," Calcifer repeated, enunciating.


"It's a game. Howl played it at university."

Sophie stared at the demon blankly, but only for a very short time as his bright flame almost immediately began to hurt her eyes. "Is this all more of that nonsense language like that saucepan song you sing?"

Calcifer roared with a laughter so intense, Sophie swore she could hear the slight hissing of his tears as they fell down his fiery cheeks. "For such a nosy woman, you really—"

"Don't you even start with me!" Sophie's original rage flared up once more. For now, at least, she was directing it more at Calcifer than Howl, though deep down neither one of them was truly the cause of it anymore. Turning on Calcifer in a huff, she gathered her skirts in tightly balled fists and made her way into her little cubby under the stairs.

She fumed, tossing her blanket and pillow around as if it would do any good in making her bed. However, she eventually managed despite herself, and promptly flopped down onto the mattress, grumbling. "Serves him right if he's caught by the Witch! Going off to 'Buggery Clubs' or whatever it was. Or courting that Miss Angorian, who clearly couldn't want any less to do with him!" Sophie rolled her old bones over onto her side, sinking comfortably into her mattress, and closed her eyes, though the creases of anxiety didn't leave her face until long after she'd fallen asleep. Especially all in some silly old place like Wales.
Tags: !31_days, howl's moving castle, howl's moving castle:calcifer, howl's moving castle:sophie
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